Some Comments from Rock River Distillation

Hey, what’s that stuff in the bottom of my whiskey bottle?

In our whiskeys, you may find a variety of unusual “floaties” in the bottle. It may be brown sawdust looking stuff, it may be white floating ghosts, it may be small bits of charcoal. It is likely a variety of things, phenols, esthers, barrel char, or barrel dust, and even hard water minerals. It may be one or a combination of all of these things. That is the adventure and joy of craft distillery whiskey. All these combinations amount to a unique flavor.
Big whiskey brands filter these things out to create a clear, uniform product through blending millions of gallons of many, many barrels. We wholly respect that, but that is the difference in the uniqueness of craft distillery products. We can create one of a kind, small batch products with bold, individual flavor experiences to intrigue the tasting palette.
Our Double Barrel Bourbon and Revenant Rye whiskeys are 90 proof American Sipping Whiskeys. They are meant to be enjoyed neat, or over ice in a rocks glass at a time when you can truly pause to take time to be cognizant of all the flavors, and contemplate life and all the gifts we are fortunate to have been given. I would suggest it is even better with really good friends with lively, intellectual conversation.
At Rock River Distillation, we believe, “there is no whiskey too strong, only men too weak “.
Be strong,
be bold my friends.