Rock River Distillation 

3294 170th St.
Rock Rapids, Iowa

We are a small craft distillery, specializing in bourbons, rye whiskey, and brandy. Located in rural Rock Rapids, Iowa.

Two big announcements, tomorrow I am taking Revenant Rye back to the state warehouse in Ankeny so it’s once again available for retailers to order. Just request product #26405.

Also we are returning to the Grand Meadow Heritage Center Event at the Kingsley Community Center on April 1 for a sampling event. See you there!


Sorry, we cannot ship…..
As always if you have any other purchase needs just shoot us a message and we will accommodate.
Enjoy the holidays my friends!

Hey folks Check out our Bottling

Click to See Video

In the mean time we may be bottling bourbon sometime in January, so let me know if you’re interested in helping. The pay is poor but the benefits during break time are pretty good!

There is no whiskey too strong, only men too weak. Stay classy and have a great 2022 my friends!



Remember my friends, at Rock River Distillation, there is no whiskey too strong, only men too weak!

Coming soon to a liquor store near you, Rock River Distillation presents 750 ml bottles of Revenant Rye. 90 proof, single barrel batches, which, after 2 years + in the barrel, then spend a time in a fresh bourbon barrel.
Rev Rye has a dry, spicy finish and is meant to sip neat. Ok maybe an ice cube if you must. I’m told it does make a good Old Fashioned if you must mix.
Oh yeah, the old 1948 Ford pickup is a great backdrop for pictures. Got to love the patina of that old girl.

When I host tours at my facility, I can sell individual bottles to patrons then. More info to follow as this hobby gone awry develops. Thanks!